Hey Mate!

Since you are our guest, we are sharing with you information where to go and what is interesting you can see in Lviv!

See the list with places of interest below, and most importantly, we will help you at any time if you’ll have any questions.

I don’t know what to see
Armenian Courtyard (Virmenska st, 7/13)Картинки по запросу
Latin Cathedral (Cathedral Sq, 1)Картинки по запросу
Dominican Cathedral (Museum Sq, 1)Картинки по запросу
Lychakiv Cemetery (Mechnikova str, 33)Картинки по запросу
Opera House (Svobody avenue, 28)Картинки по запросу
Italian Courtyard (Rynok Sq, 6)Картинки по запросу
Bernardine Monastery (Valova str, 20)Картинки по запросу
Potocki Palace (Mykoly Kopernyka str,15)Картинки по запросу


I want to see Lviv from a height

Lviv Town Hall (Rynok Sq, 1)Картинки по запросу

Free High CastleКартинки по запросу

Free Lysa HoraКартинки по запросу

Church of Sts. Olga and Elizabeth (Kropyvnytskoho Square, 1)Картинки по запросу

Free View point in Vernissage Shopping Center (12 Shevska Str)Картинки по запросу

Free Citadel (12 Grabovsky Str., near Citadel inn Hotel)Картинки по запросу


More free attractions

Free walking tour (https://lvivbuddy.com/ / https://freewalkingtour.com/lviv/)

QR excursion (1 qr-desk near the Fountain of Neptune on Rynok Sq)Картинки по запросу

Green Sofa Art Gallery (Virmenska str, 7)Картинки по запросу

Dziga Art Gallery (Virmenska str, 35)Картинки по запросу

Ideas Museum (Valova str, 18A)Картинки по запросу


I want to eat

A lot:

Open Cafe ( Teatralna str, 7)Картинки по запросу

Puzata Hata ( Sichovykh Striltsiv str, 12)Картинки по запросу

Chas poisty ( Mykoly Kopernyka str, 3 / Staroevreyska Str., 12)Картинки по запросу Картинки по запросу

Ukrainian cuisine:

Varenichna Baluvana Halya ( Yavorskoho Sq, 1)Картинки по запросу

Bachevsky Restaurant – Baczewski Restauracja ( Shevska str, 8)Картинки по запросу

Kryivka ( Rynok Sq, 14)Картинки по запросу

Medivnya ( Krakivska str,17)Картинки по запросу

Something interesting:

Tante Sophie ( Drukarska str, 6a)Картинки по запросу

Arsenal. Ribs and spirits ( Pidvalna str, 5)Картинки по запросу

Salo Restaurant ( Svobody Ave, 6/8)Картинки по запросу

For Vegetarians

OM NOM NOM vegan cafe ( Rymlanyna str, 10)Картинки по запросу

Green ( Brativ Rohatyntsiv str, 5)Картинки по запросу

Dogs Like Ducks ( Valova str, 27)Картинки по запросу


Drink coffee

Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy Coffee Manufacture ( Rynok Sq, 10)Картинки по запросу

Centaur (Market Square, 34)Картинки по запросу

Svit Kavy (Cathedral sq, 6)Картинки по запросу

Lviv Handmade Chocolate ( Serbska st, 3)Картинки по запросу


Drink alcohol

Pravda Beer Theater ( Rynok Sq, 39)Картинки по запросу

Pyana Vyshnya ( Rynok Sq, 11)Картинки по запросу

The Room Wine Bar ( Lesi Ukrainky str, 18)Картинки по запросу

Pidpilʹnyy Kindrat ( Valova str, 25)Картинки по запросу


Atypical Lviv

General Chupryncy Str: Картинки по запросу ( Józef Sosnowski Palace ( Chuprynky str 50-52); ( Chuprynky str 58), St. Clements Pope’s Temple ( Chuprynky str 70), Villa of Gypsum Kings or Villa of Franz Josef ( corner of Melnyka Str, 13 and Konovaltsa str, 47))

Soviet courtyard ( Leva str, 2)Картинки по запросу

The yard of forgotten toys ( Leva str, 3)Картинки по запросу


Where are the supermarkets?

City Market (Teatralna str, 6)Картинки по запросу

Arsen ( Mitskevicha Sq, 5)Картинки по запросу

Silpo (Cathedral Sq, 14)Картинки по запросу

Forum Lviv ( Pid Dubom str, 7B)Картинки по запросу


And also

Contact with reception and we will advise you about city tours in a convenient time with a great price. And also note that we have taxi call service. Also you can buy some necessary little things: shampoo, slippers, earplugs, sleep mask, charging and sim- cards – if you forgotten them.