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Hostel Policies for Coffee Home Hostel

  1. General provisions

1.1. These Hostel Policies regulate relationships between Coffee Home Hostel (here in after referred to as the “Hostel”) and consumers and customers of Hostel services and establish basic requirements for Hostel Policies.

1.2. The consumer is obliged to follow the Hostel Policies and Fire Safety Regulations.

1.3. If the consumer repeatedly violates the Hostel Policies and/or Fire Safety Regulations leading to material damage, and/or creates inconvenience for other consumers, the Hostel has the right to refuse accommodation or terminate the agreement (to check-out).

1.4. The Hostel ensures guests privacy. The Hostel’s consumers take into account and do not object to use video surveillance system within the territory of the Hostel, except for toilet rooms and Hostel rooms. The Hostel reserves the right to provide all necessary records and information at the request of authorized state bodies.

1.5. Smoking is not allowed in the Hostel. The Hostel Administration reserves the right to impose on guests a penalty in the amount of UAH 1,500 for violating fire safety regulations, smoking in impermissible places and disobedience to legal requirements of administration.

1.6. You can leave feedback and suggestions on the work of the Hostel at the receptionist of the Hostel or by email info@homehostels.com.ua

1.7. The Hostel is open 24 hours a day.

1.8. Check-out time in the Hostel is to 11 a.m., and check-in time is after 2 p.m.

1.9. The Hostel applies the payment for Hostel services before accommodation.

1.10. When children under 6 years are accommodated with their parents in the same room without extra bed, the payment for children is not charged.

1.11. The Hostel provides to the consumer at no extra charge the following types of services:

ambulance call;

wake up at a certain time;

provision with necessary equipment according to the Hostel’s categories.

1.12. The Hostel Administration sets a time for visiting Hostel guests by third persons from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. Third persons (visitors) staying in the hostel after 10 p.m. shall register in advance with front office and pay for their stay in accordance with the rates approved by the Hostel.

1.13. The change of bed linens, towels and toiletry is not regular, provided at the request of the guest at the reception.

1.14. The Hostel Administration is not responsible for personal things left and lost in a room.

  1. Definition of terms

The terms used herein have the following meanings:

– consumer (guest) is an individual who orders, uses or intends to purchase or order services of the Hostel for own needs;

– customer is an individual or legal entity, including tourism activities entity, who concludes the relevant agreement for Hostel services provision on behalf and for the benefit of the consumer and make payment under this agreement (guarantees payment according to this agreement);

– Hostel service is the Hostel’s actions (operations) dealing with consumer’s accommodation by providing a room (bed) for temporary stay in the Hostel, as well as any other activities related to accommodation and temporary stay. Hostel service consists of basic and additional services which are rendered to the consumer during his/her check-in and stay in the Hostel;

– sleeping accommodation (bed) is a part of the room space with bed, bedding, towels and other items in accordance with the category of the Hostel designed and appropriate for one person accommodation;

– room is an isolated furnished premises that consist of one or several rooms equipped for a temporary stay;

– booking is a process of reserving basic and/or additional services of definite volume by customer of the Hostel with the aim to use such services during the time specified by particular consumer or by group of consumers;

– confirmation of booked services is an agreement of the Hostel, which deals with rendering reserved specified range of basic and additional services according to the request;

– refusal of booking services is the Hostel’s refusal of reserving basic and additional services of the Hostel on the contractual term;

– cancellation is customer’s refusal of reserved Hostel services. There are three types of cancellation: timely cancellation, late cancellation, non-arrival. In case of late cancellation or non-arrival, the Hostel imposes a fine on the customer in accordance with the terms specified in the agreement;

– timely cancellation is a customer’s refusal of reserved services not later than three days prior to the agreed arrival day or on contractual terms;

– late cancellation is a cancellation at a term not later than one day prior to the agreed arrival day or on contractual terms;

– non-arrival is an actual non-arrival of the consumer, group of consumers to the Hostel on the arrival day or cancellation of reserved services less than 24 hours prior to specified arrival day;

– check-in day is a day of arrival of the consumer at the Hostel;

– check-out day is the day of departure of the consumer from the Hostel;

– early check-in is an arrival of the consumer at the Hostel before check-out time (early check-in is time from 6 a.m. till 12 p.m., payment of 50% of the cost of the day, check-in from 12 a.m. till 6 a.m. – payment of 100% of the cost of the previous day);

– late check-in is the consumer’s arrival later than check-out time or the booked day;

– early check-out is the consumer’s departure prior to the booked date;

– late check-out is a departure of the consumer from the Hostel after check-out time on the day of departure (check-out is time from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. – the payment for late check-out of 50% of the cost of the current day, check-out after 6 p.m. – payment of 100% of the cost of the current day);

– check-out hour is an hour, set at the Hostel and upon the occurrence of which the consumer has to vacate a room on the check-out day, and after which check-in is carried out in the Hostel.

  1. Hostel check-in procedure and payment for Hostel services

3.1. Payment for stay and services provided by the Hostel is made in cash, by bank transfer or credit cards according to the current price list for stay in the Hostel. Payment for accommodation and additional services is made in the national currency – hryvnia.

3.2. In case of lateness of the guest for more than one day, guaranteed reservation is canceled, and advance payment for stay shall not be subject to refund.

3.3. In case of early check-out of the Guest or late cancellation of reservation (less than 24 hours before check in time), the Hostel shall not refund advance payment for stay made by the Guest.

3.4.The Hostel room (bed) is provided to the consumer upon submitting a passport or another identity document (Ukrainian Passport, Ukrainian Passport for Traveling Abroad, Diplomatic or Service Passport, Seafarers’ Identity Document, Residence Permit of a person who lives in Ukraine, but is not a Ukrainian citizen, National Passport of a foreigner or a substituting document and visa giving the right to stay in Ukraine (if other circumstances are not provided by current bilateral agreements), Birth Certificates for people under 16, driving license) and filling in the Registration Card of the established form. The Hostel Administration reserves the right to refuse rendering services to the Guests who do not submit an identification document or refused to pay.

3.5. Early check-in or late check-out is provided to Guests only if there are vacate rooms in the Hostel and there are no requests for similar dates in accordance with the price list of the Hostel.

  1. Obligations of the Consumer

4.1. The consumer is obliged:

4.1.1. to comply with the Hostel’s order, take out garbage exclusively in places specially designated for this purpose;

4.1.2. to use carefully the property of the Hostel;

4.1.4. not to perform actions that disturb peace and disturb other Consumers;

4.1.5. to follow the Fire Safety Regulations;

4.1.6. not to invite third persons into the room without informing the Hostel Administration and/or during the time that is not specified for visitors;

4.1.7. to turn off water taps, switch off the light and other devices in the room, lock the room when leaving the room;

4.1.8. when checking out from the Hostel, to pay in full for all provided services and to return the room key to the receptionist;

4.1.9. in case of damage to the Hostel’s property the guest will fully compensate for it in accordance with the internal documents of the Hostel;

4.1.10. accommodation with pets is agreed individually with the reception of the Hostel.

4.2. To ensure order and safety in the Hostel the Consumer during his/her stay in the Hostel is forbidden:

4.2.1. to leave unauthorized persons in a Hostel room for the period of his/her absence, as well as to give them the room key;

4.2.2. to keep in the room bulky things, high flammable, explosive and flammable substances and items;

4.2.3. to use heating devices;

4.2.4. to take out litter, other items through the Hostel’s balconies and windows. In case of violation of this paragraph of the Hostel Policies, the penalty is imposed on the offender in the amount of UAH 200.00 (two hundred hryvnias);

4.2.6. to smoke in rooms, lobbies and premises of the Hostel;

4.2.7. to bring to the Hostel’s territory and to keep in a room materials and things which are dangerous for people’s life and health;

4.2.8. to shift and take furniture out of the Hostel room;

4.2.9. to violate the generally accepted norms of behavior, as well as to stay under the influence of alcohol and drug substances on the territory of the Hostel.

4.2.10. to show aggression or to behave in a way that endangers health or property of other people;

4.2.11. to damage to property of the Hostel;

4.2.12. to accommodate visitors in a Hostel room after 11 p.m. without payment and registration of their stay in the Hostel.

  1. Responsibility of the Consumer

5.1. In case of loss, destruction or damage of the Hostel’s property, the consumer shall compensate for its value according to market prices, set at the moment of loss, destruction or damage of such property.

5.2. For late arrival at a Hostel or in case of Guest’s non-accommodation in a Hostel or check-in days later, cash for unused nights in a Hostel is not returned.

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